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Along with the extraordinary brilliance we give you with our polished product Terrazzo we offer the same exceptional polish to our other products. We along with our sister company manufacture Gypsum boards, GI Channels, plaster channels and gypsum powder and lead in this arena too.


Being one of the basic building material in construction gypsum board is very much in demand. Gypsum board is put to a wide variety of use walls and ceilings. Gypsum tiles are also widely used in bathrooms, kitchens, living room. Acoustic gypsum tiles are also too much in demand. Our gypsum boards offer great versatility and strength and come at an efficient price too.


Galvanised iron channels are an essential component in making the framework of ceilings. Since they carry the responsibility of holding everything together they need to be sturdy and strong. It is of utmost importance that the GI channels are resistant to rust and not easily erodible because if they aren’t too much is at stake. With our sturdy GI channels, we offer strong and rust free GI channels at your service. Give us a chance to provide you with galvanized steel channels in a variety of sizes as per your demands.


Plasterboards can be used for a wide range of purposes. Plasterboards can be used in the basic construction of walls and ceiling and can also be used to make complicated versions like acoustic plasterboard ceiling, suspended plasterboard ceilings. Plasterboards should be water resistant and should be of strong makeup to ensure the safety of the site of construction and also to ensure a longer life of the walls and ceilings. Plaster boards can also be used in acoustic and sound proof walls and ceilings. We offer you water resistant and strong plaster boards for your walls and ceilings. Our boards the best in quality and durability and have been tested for strength and resistance and we offer the plasterboards in a variety of sizes and an efficient price range.


Gypsum is used as a basic building material all over the world and due to its easy malleability and adaptability it the builder’s favourite. The fact that gypsum can be infused with qualities like longevity and resistance to moisture and erosion it is widely in demand. Powdered gypsum is used in numerous places at sites of construction. The best use of gypsum powder is in the making of dry walls. It can also be used to give a finishing touch to indoor work and make the surfaces even and scar free. Gypsum plaster can also be used in making intricate designs are waterproofing surfaces in the sites of construction. We manufacture gypsum powder that is not only environmentally friendly but also water resistant, thermal resistance and has appreciable longevity. Try our gypsum powder that is durable and comes at an efficient price range.


We are the authorised distributors of KNAUF products, the WORLD’S TOP gypsum company that has over 220 factories around the world. KNAUF operates from its headquarters in Germany and is the leading manufacturer of drywall building materials such as gypsum boards (REGULAR 9.5mm, 12.5mm, Moisture Resistant 12.5mm, Fire Resistant 12.5mm), interior plaster, ceiling systems, floor systems and state of the art insulation materials, not forgetting the conventional building materials such as external renders and cement-based screeds.

We are also the authorized dealers of USG, (UNITED STATES GYPSUM) that is also listed under the top 7 GYPSUM companies in the world. With the world known MINERAL FIBRE CROSS FISSURED-ACOUSTIC CEILING & SHEETROCK BRAND joint compound, USG produces a wide range of products like Ceiling panels, gypsum boards, cement boards, ceiling suspension systems and many more.

Some of the other brands that we use and deal in include: Aalborg, Douglas, Union, Yale, King, DONN X, Oxford, GULI and many more.


USG Boral

Aalborg Portland

Douglas Ceiling

Super Terrazzo, Uganda'S Biggest Distributor

The Largest Manufacturer, Distributor and Supplier of Terrazzo, Granite, Marble, Ceiling, T Grids, Gypsum & Plaster Boards in Kampala, Uganda and East Africa

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