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Long long ago as the human civilization saw the advent of industrialization and took another leap towards development even middle-class people began to include flooring in their houses. And far far away in the northeastern region of Italy called Friuli people began to use pebbles and stones from riverbeds on their floors. It looked aesthetically pleasing but the sharp-edged of the stones and pebbles pierced through whenever a foot was laid upon and hence caused a lot of unease and discomfort. With the unease came an urge to correct the situation and with lots of efforts a method was devised to flatten all the sharpness and make it all even.

This method consisted of a long wooden pole on one end which was fixed with a rough stone weighted to produce abrasion. This abrasion made the flooring even and easy to walk on and the newly even surface was now called Terrazzo. Years went by and new methods were devised to provide abrasions and new materials added to the original terrazzo. With years of advancement and technology perfecting it Terrazzo combines both old world charm and new age modernization with itself proudly calling itself one of the most resistant and beautiful marble at the same time, which a very few can claim themselves to be. Initially famous in Italy Terrazzo has now found a solid position in major sites all over the world and is spreading its presence more and more every day.


In this new age, the market is flooded with marbles from every corner of the world. Some claiming to be the best and most durable and most failing to keep their words. The modern architecture of today aims to combine beauty and strength and we serve you the same with our products. It would be safe to say that Terrazzo is the most versatile material used today in buildings today. Resistant to microbial growth and moisture Terrazzo beats its competitors in this arena and offers durability that only a few in the market can claim to offer. Terrazzo outlives its expectations to last and stays unharmed for years and years. Also one of the best things about Terrazzo is the low maintenance cost it requires even years after its original set up and hence is a personal favourite of builders all over the world.

Going back to centuries, Terrazzo has experience of years and has been perfected with generations of able hands, minds and genius machines. It is also one of the original recycled finishes, utilising the waste chips from the slab marble processing. The thickness of the Terrazzo floor is about 8mm – 10 mm and its thickness of terrazzo skirting is about 8mm and the maximum thickness of screed can go up to 25 mm.

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