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Marbles and granite without a doubt make the floor look extra shiny and impeccable. Just a touch of a beautiful marble on the floor is enough to add an extraordinary oomph to the entire ambience. So why not have more and more of it. More in terms of colour, more in terms of texture and more in terms of design. Welcome again!! We Super Terrazzo specialize and trusted Granite & Marble – Manufacturer, Distributor and Supplier in Kampala, Uganda with Terrazzo, Granite and marble works. With our wide variety of designs, colours and texture we bring you the best Terrazzo, granite and marble in the world.

Trusted Granite & Marble - Manufacturer & Supplier, Dealer

As the Uganda’s’ trusted largest granite & marble tiles- Manufacturers & suppliers, dealers we are offering granite & marble at best price in all over East Africa and also help you out any type of installation for kitchen, bedroom, interior, plasterboard etc. Get the cost for polish tile flooring for living room, bathroom countertops, and kitchen worktops with installation at Super Terrazzo (U) Ltd. contact us on +256 414 568 557.


Colours give life to creativity and joy and we understand how important it is to infuse them in our floors. Hence, we bring you a wide range of magnificent marbles and granite to choose from. Trust us you will want to choose all of them!

Our BLUE PEARL and GEM RED variety will make you buy both of them. The red encrusted beautifully in the marble gives strength and energy to everyone who is around and the Blue pearl ends all the morning blues and gives a sense of soothing calmness. To express the boldness we have Black galaxy and Black pearl both quintessential in their being. To bring you calmness we have a beautiful collection of white with Moon white leading the pack with its magnificence and ‘P’ white and ‘S’ white ready to take you off in another zone of serenity. Our marble variety Paradiso is true to its name and gives a feeling of over and moon and somewhere in paradise. We know that everything in life is grey and to sink that truth in marble we bring you our splendid China grey and Super grey. To add more vibrancy to our brigade of marbles come some of our masterpieces namely Amidas, Hasan green, Esal blue and Malwara. Try our marbles and get amazed with the glamour your floor oozes with.

These marbles compliment the floors of your home, buildings with extraordinary brilliance and our fine polishing bring a greater finesse to it.


As the name of our company suggests, we offer you an impeccable range of our forte: Terrazzo. Used for flooring, skirting, steps and columns we offer you our Terrazzo in multiple colours like blue, green, red-orange, black, maroon, commercial grey. A combination of terrazzo and granite on the floors makes beautiful patterns. Have a look at the stars and worktop model we present and the charming entrance, column and ramp patterns. We assure you will have an immediate urge to own something like this.

Super Terrazzo, Uganda'S Biggest Distributor

The Largest Manufacturer, Distributor and Supplier of Terrazzo, Granite, Marble, Ceiling, T Grids, Gypsum & Plaster Boards in Kampala, Uganda and East Africa

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