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Centuries ago in Italy pebbles and stones from the river beds were the go-to flooring material. This caused serious discomfort due to the uneven and prickly nature of the surface. Over time a need occurred for something more smooth and well ordered. Since necessity is the mother of the invention a method of abrasion of the uneven surface was discovered and one of the most beautiful and resistant marble came into existence. The marble called Terrazzo.

Cited as one of the most resistant hard floorings Terrazzo is used widely all over the world. Due to its endurance and resistibility, it is preferred over others in making public buildings, shopping malls and villas everywhere. Also, it is one of the most versatile material and can be moulded into any shape and is used in almost all type of flooring from normal floors, steps to skirts and can, therefore, be called as one of the favourite choices of engineers. Terrazzo is adaptable to all types of ceilings like an acoustic ceiling, suspended ceiling and gypsum ceiling.It can also be used to make plasterboards, GI channels and more complex forms of designs. Hence it can’t be denied be denied that terrazzo can be used in all type of construction.


Making ourselves proud and our customers happy since the year 2001 we work closely with our sister company Super Hardware &Suppliers (U) Ltd that manufactures gypsum, suspended ceiling, union and general hardware items.

Our clients include the humongous Mukwano group of company. We have added Terrazzo to their architectural masterpieces like UTC, People’s Plaza, Stoppers Shop Complex, Tea factories in Fort Portal, Old Kampala Mosque (WORLD ISLAMIC CALL SOCIETY), Nakiwubo Trading Centre (SAWRIYAKO), Mukwano Show Rooms Portbell Road.

Our work speaks for itself and our highly skilled labour force, modernized equipment, highly experienced head staff and management team back our statements. We keep our way of working as polished as our terrazzo and our eyes always on the satisfaction of our customers. Come work with us and give us a chance to serve you our Terrazzo in all its finesse.

Terrazzo flooring has a long and rich history that dates back over 1500 years. Terrazzo was one of the original recycled finishes, utilizing the waste chips from the slab marble processing.

Terrazzo provides outstanding durability typically lasting the life of the building
100% solids formula eliminates VOC off-gassing
Non-porous finish does not support microbial growth,mold or mildew Low maintenance finish reduces the operating cost
Recycled glass,pearl and other recycled aggregates are available for use Outstanding durability and low maintenance provide low embodied energy

Grey Cement
Thickness of Terrazzo Floor 8mm - 10mm
Thickness of Terrazzo Skirting 8mm
Thickness of Screed (Maximum) 25 mm

Management Team

Kanji Hirani - Director of our company
Raju Hirani - Director of our company
Nish Hirani - Director of our company

Super Terrazzo, Uganda'S Biggest Distributor

The Largest Manufacturer, Distributor and Supplier of Terrazzo, Granite, Marble, Ceiling, T Grids, Gypsum & Plaster Boards in Kampala, Uganda and East Africa

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